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Your trees are a big investment. Providing shade, clean air, and beauty to every property, the trees at your home or business are a critical part of your landscaping.

If you want to do right by your trees, from regular trimming and maintenance to treatments for diseases and infestations, All Type Tree Service is here for you. As a leading resource in Waterloo, IL, our team can make sure your trees are always as strong and healthy as possible.

When you call, we’ll schedule service as soon as possible, offering a reliable resource 12 months a year. We know your trees are important, so we’ll make every possible effort to keep them at their best.

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Arborists aren’t just landscapers—they’re professionals highly trained and educated in the care and maintenance of trees. At All Type Tree Service, all of our arborists are trained in arboreal science, ensuring a positive experience for households and businesses in greater Monroe County, Illinois.

Essentially a “tree doctor” of sorts, arborists are able to identify diseases, infestations, and infections, provide topical and soil treatments, and do whatever is possible to keep trees healthy. This can help you make the best decisions possible, even in the most serious of situations.

Community Company

All Type Tree Service is more than just a resource for your trees. We’re also members of your community, working and living alongside you in Waterloo, IL. As a locally owned and operated brand, we’re not associated with the big chains and their impersonal service. Instead, we’re dedicated to helping our friends and neighbors in any way possible.

We offer discounts to Veterans, seniors and non-profit organizations. We also donate our services to help charitable organizations and our neighbors in need. We are proud to be a part of this community.

Tree Service Made Simple

Trees take a lot of care and work. Despite their imposing size and long lifespan, trees aren’t immune from issues—they’re living creatures, just like you, and they deserve attention and diligence to ensure a healthy life.

At All Type Tree Service, we are committed to quality tree care, no matter the size or variety of trees on your property. From oaks to evergreens, we’ll help you take good care of your trees 12 months a year. Let us help with:

  • Tree inspections
  • Tree treatments
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal